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first aid and fire safety training in pakistan

First aid Training & Fire safety Training in Pakistan

We will introduce you to practical skills and strategies that experts often use in Fire safety training and First aid training ; although this seminar will not award you a teaching certificate for effective practice, it is a good starting point. You will eventually have all the knowledge and tools needed to deal with many of these emergencies. You cannot be sure when you will be involved in an accident or need immediate medical attention. 

It rarely predicts when you will have a collision or face a serious illness. When your actions can change someone’s life, it’s important to be constantly prepared. Understanding the basic principles of first aid training in Pakistan and Cosmic can save lives and it is not difficult to learn. 

Our online plan will provide you with the necessary resources and training to make you feel comfortable and forced to respond. Suitable fire extinguisher. The training also aims to teach our employees fire safety training in Pakistan

Importance of Fire safety training & First aid training in Pakistan

This training is based on Fire safety and First aid  training.We are providing Occupational safety and qualified teachers deliver the Fire safety and First aid awareness training programme. Our first aid training in Pakistan, Fire safety training in Pakistan  is designed to inform the employees on their legal protections regarding workplace safety and health and dangers. Individuals who have completed OSHA training can guarantee that their workplace is a safe and healthy environment to reside.


  • A Fire safety and First aid certified individual will assist firms in identifying and removing dangers from the work,  which also allows firms to save a significant amount of money.
  • Assist in lowering the risk of injury
  • An OSHA certified worker will not only look after himself, but he will also ensure that his teammates are safe at work.
  • Increase production and ensure service quality.

Assessment of Fire safety training in Pakistan

Fire safety training in Pakistan is assessed by law for any business that provides jobs or is available publicly. Our experienced evaluator, who has more years of expertise in health and safety and is extremely competent in risk assessment, can conduct fire  safety training at your workplace.

 This certification assists students in furthering their understanding of organizational fire safety. It explains the comprehensive fire risk analysis for high-risk buildings.

Accountable personnel who decided to undertake their own fire risk assessment are designated To cooperate with this task

It is especially beneficial to entrepreneurs, executives, and managers, but it is beneficial to everyone who is contributing to the fire safety training course.

Assessment of First Aid training in Pakistan

First aid  training in Pakistan is an essential tool that could save human life. Cosmic provides both theoretically and practically advice on dealing with an emergency.

People with First Aid Training in Pakistan are competent to provide adequate first aid in the event of a medical emergency. It involves first aid in a life-threatening situation before qualified medical help arrives.


Our Services

At Cosmic, we provide fire safety training and drill instruction.Students will finish our fire safety training course with the skills and information needed for a variety of employment in the fire safety profession. Students can effectively combat fires after attending training courses. Basic fire safety training in Pakistan is critical for the safety of your employees and customers.


We at Cosmic Institute also provide you some major services about fire safety training and First Aid training in Pakistan, these services are as follows;


  • Technique for Fire Fighting
  • Fire extinguishers are used to put out fires.
  • Mechanism of Network Access
  • Piping for Utilities and Processes
  • CCTV Sensor & Monitoring System


 We also provide the best service of an emergency light. An emergency light is a battery-powered illumination appliance that turns on immediately .When  creating experiences a power loss  New business and relatively high population structures, such as residence halls, flats, and restaurants, and big institutions come equipped with emergency lighting as default.

Food Safety Certificate

Rs: 5000 PKR
  • Tranings
  • Handouts
  • Certificate : Cosmic Institute Bisiness & Technology
  • Online Verification
  • 3 year Validity

Food Safety Certificate

Rs: 10,000 PKR
  • Tranings
  • Handouts
  • Certificate : Highfield UK
  • Online Verification
  • Life Time Validity

Why Choose Us?

There are several institutions in Pakistan that give fire safety training as well as unique services for first aid training in Pakistan, but Cosmic is the only known institute that offers all of these training courses in fresh and exciting patterns.

In Pakistan, we have certified professionals that can provide you with first aid and fire safety training. Because of our unique training, our services are more compatible than others.


A three-day training session would normally be used for delivery (24 hours).

Multi Choice Questions (MCQ) and assignments based on the student’s own business environment are used to test this certification.

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