NEBOSH IGC Course in Pakistan

NEBOSH IGC Course in Pakistan

If you are looking to get excellent training of NEBOSH IGC course in Pakistan then you are in the right place because we offer NEBOSH training from approved and certified tutors.  NEBOSH is a global organization offering a wide range of  diplomas and certificates to fulfill the health, safety, and environmental management which is required at all workplaces.

In Pakistan, NEBOSH IGC Course is in high demand, especially for experienced health and safety professionals. If any candidate is interested in getting NEBOSH Qualification from a trusted institute then he can enroll himself by just making a single call at +92 300 416 9191. NEBOSH Course is particularly designed for those who what to pursue their careers in the health, safety, and environmental sectors.

NEBOSH Course is offered through various accredited course providers who are certified to deliver specialist NEBOSH qualifications but among all of them, Cosmic institute is the top-rated and #1 Institute that offers a wide range of safety courses in Pakistan. We are offering the best training of NEBOSH IGC course under association with Abacus International ACP # 1428.

COSMIC Institute of Business & Technology has a highly trained and skilled staff that can assist companies, workers, and students in obtaining NEBOSH Course certification in both face-to-face and online training sessions. We offering a 100% practical session of NEBOSH course in Pakistan.

NEBOSH Course Fees & Exam Date in Pakistan

Regular SessionDetails
Course NameNEBOSH IGC (Regular)
Course FeeRs. 110,000/-
Session Date14 June 2022
Exam Date06 July 2022
Registration Deadline11 June 2022
Language of TeachingEnglish/Urdu
Approved TutorEngr. Wahaj Ahmad
Approved TutorEngr. Usman Ahmad
Online SessionDetails
Course NameNEBOSH IGC (Online)
Course FeeRs. 1,10,000/-
Session Date14 June 2022
Exam Date06 July 2022
LocationOnline Via Zoom
Registration Deadline11 June 2022
Language of TeachingEnglish/Urdu
Approved TutorEngr. Wahaj Ahmad
Approved TutorEngr. Usman Ahmad

Benefits Of Enrolling Into NEBOSH Course

If you take in a NEBOSH Course, you will receive specific benefits that will help you advance in your health and safety profession.

1- NEBOSH Course is globally recognized and considered the most prestigious and high rated qualification in health, safety, and risk management.

2- The importance of the NEBOSH Course in Pakistan is increasing day by day so in the modern era every organization prefers those candidates who have NEBOSH qualifications because NEBOSH Course can help to improve a company’s reputation and can almost turn a company’s business into an in-demand business.

3- As already mentioned, NEBOSH is an internationally recognized and accredited qualification, so if you have NEBOSH qualification, You can easily get a job in most countries around the world, especially in the Gulf countries. e.g DUBAI, ABUDHABI, KSA, QATAR, BAHRAIN, UAE & OMAN.

4- The skills learned in the NEBOSH Course will enable an individual to create a safer working environment in any workplace, while also increasing efficiency and productivity. This can benefit a company’s success as well as a person’s role within the organization. Our institute is offering top-notch training of NEBOSH Course in Pakistan from an approved tutor so that you can build your career in health and safety profession.

NEBOSH Course Fees in Pakistan

 Nebosh IGC Course Fees is just is RS: 110,000/-

Safety & Precautions At Workplace

During the workplace, you may face some injuries which will affect both project & workers’ progress So, before working at any site you must need to know about health and safety measures. The attached video demonstrates some common type of issues that occurs at the workplace. So, HURRY UP and Enroll Yourself into NEBOSH Course by just making one call. Click on the button given below to get Enroll into NEBOSH IGC Course

NEBOSH Course In Pakistan - Enroll Now In 2022

In Pakistan, NEBOSH IGC course can be regarded as the most accepted safety qualification program worldwide among employees and career seekers. Our NEBOSH safety courses have gained a lot of attention and are considered as one of the most encouraging and essential certifications in the industry. People who decided to enroll in this course, from professionals to aspiring individuals, newly graduated students, experienced to fresher, have gained a lot and now serving successfully in their profession. NEBOSH International General Certification (NEBOSH IGC) offers the certificate holders a brilliantly perceptive and operational ability that helps to lead health and safety issues prevalent in their specific work environments.

Cosmic Institute is the #1 and top leading educational institute which offers professional training of NEBOSH in Pakistan. If you live in Pakistan and looking forward to get 100% practical training of NEBOSH then choosing cosmic is the right choice for you.

Limited Seat For Nebosh

NEBOSH IGC course allows students to gain detailed knowledge on health and safety. In the field of health and safety management, the NEBOSH IGC resembles a basic qualification. That’s why, NEBOSH Course in Pakistan has been designed in such a way that fulfills the demand of everyone even working in different organizations and wanting to accomplish good career progression.

A person who has completed the NEBOSH IGC course can provide a guaranteed safe and secure work environment to employees and can help the organization to save revenue by reducing the risk of accidents and injuries and improving production time, which can enhance profitability.

Course Outline Of NEBOSH IGC Course

Nebosh Course Outlines

Why Choose COSMIC For NEBOSH Course?

Cosmic is the best & top leading educational institute which offers top-notch training of NEBOSH Course in Pakistan. Here below are some highlighting points of our institute.

1-   We do not follow the traditional way of teaching for the Nebosh Course, we implement a unique approach that is advantageous for everyone who is attending the session.

2- We have certified and approved tutors for our students to ensure that they get the best NEBOSH training in Pakistan. The COSMIC Institute has an effective system that works for everyone, we have competent, approved & industrially experienced instructors and resources.

3-   Our instructors are carefully selected, and we make sure that each of our instructors is capable of delivering the skills. We also provide regular training to our instructors to keep them up to date about the latest developments.

4–   We are running this leading educational institute to play our part in the progress of Pakistan by offering health and safety courses like Nebosh Course in Pakistan and we want to provide the organization with a safe, secure, and healthy work environment so that they can keep their focus on achieving their goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Employees working in different organizations and the students looking for Jobs in local & international industries should have NEBOSH qualifications. Because employees can make their job environment secure and the person, who is looking for jobs can increase their opportunities to be hired.

Yes, NEBOSH is the most worthy qualification. NEBOSH Certificate not only helps in your Job but also plays an important role in your personality development as well as safety implementations in your routine life.

No, it is not much difficult. Everything is possible if you do with commitment and true efforts. A candidate having intermediate qualification e.g. F.Sc/D.A.E can qualify NEBOSH course with the consistent efforts of two months.

No, every employee in the organization can get a NEBOSH diploma. The more employees of an organization have NEBOSH diploma, the more secure and risk-free environment will be available at the workplace.

NEBOSH courses are designed by the UK, but you can enroll yourself in these courses worldwide, including Pakistan. The COSMIC Institute is the best place for a NEBOSH IGC diploma.

Yes, In market there are many other institutes which are offering NEBOSH Course in Pakistan but among all of them our institute is the best for all type of HSE courses 

Yes, if you have NEBOSH IGC qualification, your chances of getting hired are 50% more than others. Most organizations also mention in their ads that candidates must have NEBOSH IGC.

Yes, if you are serious about a carrier in the health and safety field, NEBOSH IGC can give you a boost to fulfill your dreams. 

NEBOSH IGC-UK Level 03 is equal to the Intermediate/A-Levels standard.

Yes, We are offering NEBOSH Course all across Pakistan. You can get information by calling at 0300 416 9191 or email at

Cosmic Offer excellent training of Nebosh in Pakistan. Nebosh course fees is just  is Rs: 110,000.  We offer special discount offers to new candidates too. If you would enroll into our NEBOSH course then you can get amazing discount.

Yes we do offer NEBOSH IGC Certification in Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia. You can visit those pages through given links

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