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NEBOSH Course in Dubai

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Introduction of Nebosh Course In Dubai

Want to Kick Start Your Career as a Health and Safety Professional? Cosmic Institute offers online NEBOSH course in Dubai. Enhance your health and safety knowledge with our dynamic NEBOSH course! Immerse yourself in a rich learning experience with a blend of audio recordings, video lectures, and interactive quizzes. We believe that practical knowledge is just as important as theoretical, which is why we use real-world examples and case studies to bring the course to life. 

The Institute's teaching approach is tailored to meet the needs of its students, incorporating interactive and multimedia-based resources. Recognizing that every student has different learning preferences, Cosmic Institute uses a variety of teaching techniques to accommodate all types of learners. 

Benefits of NEBOSH Certification

In the area of health and safety, the NEBOSH certification is a well-recognized certification. Employers place a high value on this certification, which is regarded as the gold standard for the sector. The scope of NEBOSH is broad and includes a variety of health and safety-related areas. 

  1. Global Recognition

One of the primary benefits of the certification is its global reputation. Once you acquire the certification, you can work as a health and safety officer, HSE manager, or Safety advisor in any country you desire.

  1. Knowledge and Expertise

NEBOSH-certified individuals also have the skills and knowledge to establish and administer health and safety policies and procedures, which are critical for ensuring a safe and healthy working environment. Hence, it will be the best decision of your life to enroll yourself in the NEBOSH course in Dubai.

  1. Leadership Skills

During your classes at Cosmic Institute, our instructors will nourish your leadership skills in order to make you as competent as possible to face the challenges of your career.

  1. Career Prospects in Different Sectors

After the certification, you can work as a health and safety advisor, consultant, supervisor, and in many other designations in different companies ranging from construction to oil and gas.

Who Should Take NEBOSH Course Online In Dubai ?

NEBOSH online course in Dubai is ideal for a wide range of individuals in the United Arab Emirates and is a highly valued qualification in the field of health and safety. This course is best suited for people in the HSE profession, like managers and safety officers. The course is also ideal for those who have a background in engineering or have any other technical diploma. 

Besides, those who want to work abroad can also benefit from this course. People who are working in industries including engineering, manufacturing, and construction can also take this course to make their career in HSE Profession. The NEBOSH course in Dubai offers all the knowledge and abilities to successfully manage and control the health and safety risks that are present in these industries. Therefore, we strongly recommend NEBOSH course to all the relevant individuals so that they may progress in their careers.

Nebosh Course Fee & Training Schedule

Course Name NEBOSH IGC
Course Fee Rs.160,000/-
Session Date 2024-06-26
Exam Date 2024-08-07
Language of Teaching English / Urdu
Trainers Engr. Wahaj Ahmed/ Engr. Usman Ahmed
Course Name NEBOSH IGC
Course Fee Rs.160,000/-
Session Date 2024-06-26
Exam Date 2024-08-07
Language of Teaching English / Urdu
Trainers Engr. Wahaj Ahmed/ Engr. Usman Ahmed

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Course Details Of NEBOSH Online Training In Dubai, U.A.E

The syllabus of the Nebosh course in UAE includes a wide range of topics that are critical for professionals working in health and safety jobs. The NEBOSH course in Dubai is divided into several units, each of which covers a specific area of health and safety management. 

The first module, "Management of International Health and Safety" discusses the legal requirements for workplace health and safety as well as the management of health and safety concepts.

The second module, "Controlling Workplace Hazards" discusses the particular workplace risks that are frequently encountered, such as fire safety, chemical and biological health risks, and electrical safety. In this module, you will have hands-on experience in risk evaluation and management. You will learn how to analyze risk factors and make a detailed assessment report. 

About NEBOSH IGC Open Book Exam

NEBOSH open book exams are a unique type of evaluation that let students use resources while taking the test. Cosmic Institute will guide you regarding NEBOSH’s open book exams and the necessary strategies that are crucial for passing this highly demanding examination.  At the time of exams, NEBOSH will provide you access to its online portal where you will have 24 hours to take open-book written tests. You can use your notes, texts, books, or any other reference material during your paper. Once you are done with the examination, you can submit your answer sheet on the portal.

As the leading provider of NEBOSH IGC course in Gulf Countries, Cosmic Institute has a team of highly skilled and experienced instructors to guide students through the open-book exam and its preparation.

Membership Recognition Of NEBOSH IGC Qualification

Nebosh certification will entitle you to memberships of International bodies, fewer are mentioned below:

  • International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM)
  • Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)
  • Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH)
  • Institute of Fire Safety Managers (IFSM)
  • Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA)

Best Institute For NEBOSH Course Online In Dubai

Here are a few reasons why people should enroll in the NEBOSH online training in UAE:

We are the top-ranked Institute in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offering 30+ Internationally Recognized training online in Health and Safety including

Cosmic Institute provides a thorough and updated course curriculum. The course covers all the fundamental subject matters that are necessary for professionals working in health and safety roles, such as the legal requirements for health and safety as well as the specific hazards that are frequently present in the workplace. Moreover, with the help of mock tests, you will learn about time and stress management. You will also learn how to properly quote the reference material and what sources you must consult during the examination.

Many course providers offer NEBOSH training but Cosmic Institute is the best Institute that provides excellent training of NEBOSH Course online in Dubai and valid NEBOSH Certification. We have internationally certified trainers who have extensive knowledge and expertise in health and safety management systems. So, What are you waiting for? Don't Wait! Submit a "Request A Call Back" form. Or, If you have any queries call us at 0300 416 9191.

Course Outline

  •   Introduction To UNIT IG1
  •   Why Should Manage Workspace Health & Safety
  •   How Health And Safety Management System Work
  •   Managing Risk-Understanding People & Procedures
  •   Health And Safety Monitoring and Measuring
  •   Final Reminders
  •   Introduction To UNIT IG2
  •   Physical And Psychological Health
  •   Chemical And Biological Agents
  •   General Workplace Issue
  •   Work Equipment
  •   Fire
  •   Electricity
  •   Final Reminders
  •   Suggested Answers To Study Questions
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Learning Outcome

Globally Recognized Course

The NEBOSH Course is the most prominent and highly regarded certification in health, safety, and risk management. It is widely recognized on a global scale.

Ensure Health & Safety Course

NEBOSH IGC course at Cosmic Institute will teach you the best practices of health and safety culture.

Risk Assessment

You will become an expert in assessing the risk factors at a workplace for maximum protection of workers

Building Safe Systems

Also, at the end of the course, you will be able to develop basic safe systems of work that include all emergency arrangements.

Incident Investigation

Additionally, you will be able to thoroughly investigate to determine the root cause of an incident.

A Secure Future

Lastly, after completing the NEBOSH ICG course, which has global recognition, you will have a good job and a secure future.

Frequently Asked Questions

NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety & Health) is UK based examination body, offers multiple qualifications and certifications in Health, Safety, environment. NEBOSH was founded in 1979, and according to 2019 statistics around 400,000 people across the globe achieved NEBOSH qualifications.

NEBOSH IGC is a UK-based Level 3 qualification. IGC stands for International General Certificate which is completely skill based qualification. This certification is most famous certification among all industries across the globe, and people who achieve this certificate can apply for designated positions(such as Safety Officer, Safety Inspector, Safety Engineer) in all industries.

NEBOSH certifications can be achieved from NEBOSH Learning Partners. Every learning partner is allowed to set the NEBOSH Course fee according to its local currency value. Cosmic Institute is offering the NEBOSH IGC Course in 160,000 PKR only. Course fee includes Study Material, Training Cost, Refreshments, Exam Fee, and Certificate shipment cost.

Yes, NEBOSH course training can be achieved online. NEBOSH permits provision of training by online mode as well as NEBOSH itself conducts exam online. 65 Hours of training is required to complete, provided by approved tutor before taking exam attempt.

NEBOSH IGC is valid for life time. People who once achieved their certification are never required to renew their certification nor to pay any other fee or charges to NEBOSH nor anyother party.

NEBOSH IGC course is beautifully designed to educate learners about management of Health and safety at international standards, as well as about industrial hazards, risks and their controls. Statistics shows people having NEBOSH IGC certifications are serving in industries as a health and safety professional at different Levels. In fact, industries prefer hiring NEBOSH IGC qualified Health and Safety professionals above others.

After achieving NEBOSH IGC certification you can apply for the positions of Health and Safety Officer, Health & Safety Engineer and Health & Safety Inspector.

The salary of a health and safety professional having NEBOSH IGC qualification always will depend on the overall skillset of the professional. But the salary range for NEBOSH-qualified professionals starts from 2500- 4000 AED in Dubai based upon the company’s profile and budgets.

65 hours of training is required before taking an exam attempt. Usually, candidates are ready to attempt NEBOSH IGC in not more than one month. Approximately 3 months after the exam, result will be announced and certification will be delivered. All of this process can be completed in 4 months.

You are required to qualify in both units of NEBOSH IGC. Unit IG1: Open Book Examination, exam duration 24 hours, passing marks 45 out of 100. Unit IG2: Risk Assessment Report, passing criteria is to meet all required standards. IG2 report has no marks. If you fail to meet with instructed standards, the report will be considered fail.

There are no pre-requisite qualifications to get enrolled in the NEBOSH course. All you need is a better understanding of English as the course is completely designed in the English language. If you can easily understand English, you are eligible to get enrollment.