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Nebosh Course In Bahawalnagar | Enroll Now

Globally, employers recognize the NEBOSH IGC Course as an international certification for full-time health and safety positions. Many organizations recommend a minimum level of experience in HSE for applicants seeking higher-level positions in occupational health and safety management. If you are looking for a Nebosh Course in Bahawalnagar, then you are at the right place since Cosmic Institute is one of the best education institutes in Pakistan that offers excellent coaching of Nebosh and other safety courses.

Cosmic Institute is also known as the top-rated educational institute for safety courses, where you will get more benefits from NEBOSH courses than any other institute. Cosmic Institute is proudly offering NEBOSH IGC course in association with ACP # 1428. All over Pakistan, we offer Hostel Facility, Free Study Materials, Job Allocation, Refreshment, and Exam Practical Assessment.

To manage their real working problems, HSE needed the NEBOSH IGC certification. It is vital for a business to provide a safe work environment in order to gain the employees’ trust and build their reputation. It is a great way to ensure the safety of your business by learning this NEBOSH IGC course.

The following are some of the benefits of studying Nebosh IGC in Bahawalnagar:

  • An employer with a Nebosh IGC Diploma holder will support the employee economically as well as professionally.
  • You can write your name with the letters ‘IDipNEBOSH’ following it.
  • Whether you’re seeking a new opportunity or an experienced professional looking for a better one, Cosmic can connect you with safety professionals working in high ranked organizations.
  • Several HR departments of various industry sectors have already been connected to us, including those from the construction, mining, petroleum, and gas sectors.

Nebosh Course Training Schedule

Course Name NEBOSH IGC
Course Fee Rs.135,000/-
Session Date 06-06-2023
Exam Date 05-07-2023
Language of Teaching English / Urdu
Trainers Engr. Wahaj Ahmed/ Engr. Usman Ahmed
Course Name NEBOSH IGC
Course Fee Rs.135,000/-
Session Date 06-06-2023
Exam Date 05-07-2023
Language of Teaching English / Urdu
Trainers Engr. Wahaj Ahmed/ Engr. Usman Ahmed

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Requirements For Enrolling In Nebosh IGC Course

It is essential that you meet the criteria to begin the NEBOSH training in Bahawalnagar. The requirements for Nebosh certifications are not hard and fast, anyone who can read, write, and reproduce concepts in English may take NEBOSH Certification.

  • The academic credentials, abilities, or experience necessary for taking the NEBOSH classes are not required other than the NEBOSH Diploma or the NEBOSH Technical Certificate for Oil and Gas Operational Safety (NIOG).
  • You need to invest the necessary amount of hours in the course or online training materials, examinations, and assignments, depending on the NEBOSH course you choose.
  • Each training course contains a practical task including the production of reports and/or an evaluation.

Why Choose Cosmic For NEBOSH Course?

The Cosmic Institute of Business & Technology has 100+ certified students. Our qualifications in HSE are of the highest international standard, where we offer best career opportunities. We help you to develop and grow your career from the beginning to the end. You will be able to improve your knowledge of health and safety for the required job and also gain hands-on skills for your work. You will be able to make your organization compliant and sustain it after completing a Nebosh course. We provide highly qualified and certified tutors, who facilitiate you in every aspect of Health and safety Organizations.

Course Outline

  •   Introduction To UNIT IG1
  •   Why Should Manage Workspace Health & Safety
  •   How Health And Safety Management System Work
  •   Managing Risk-Understanding People & Procedures
  •   Health And Safety Monitoring and Measuring
  •   Final Reminders
  •   Introduction To UNIT IG2
  •   Physical And Psychological Health
  •   Chemical And Biological Agents
  •   General Workplace Issue
  •   Work Equipment
  •   Fire
  •   Electricity
  •   Final Reminders
  •   Suggested Answers To Study Questions
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Learning Outcome

Globally Recognized Course

The NEBOSH Course is the most prominent and highly regarded certification in health, safety, and risk management. It is widely recognized on a global scale.

Ensure Health & Safety Course

NEBOSH IGC course at Cosmic Institute will teach you the best practices of health and safety culture.

Risk Assessment

You will become an expert in assessing the risk factors at a workplace for maximum protection of workers

Building Safe Systems

Also, at the end of the course, you will be able to develop basic safe systems of work that include all emergency arrangements.

Incident Investigation

Additionally, you will be able to thoroughly investigate to determine the root cause of an incident.

A Secure Future

Lastly, after completing the NEBOSH ICG course, which has global recognition, you will have a good job and a secure future.