Nebosh IGC Course in Bahawalnagar

Nebosh IGC Course In Bahawalnagar

Employers across the globe recognize the NEBOSH IGC Course as an international certification for full-time health and safety positions. Most of the organizations suggest baseline HSE experience for applicants seeking higher-level careers in Occupational Health and Safety Management.

Freshers who had completed the Nebosh IGC training from accredited NEBOSH providers in Pakistan will get low-level designation jobs in OHS. Therefore, Employers recommend a minimum of five years working experience in Nebosh IGC Course in Bahawalnagar to work in private and public sector organizations. It is a worldwide course, with over 50,000 persons earning the NEBOSH IGC certification each year.

If you are looking for a Nebosh Course in Bahawalnagar, you need to register yourself with the cosmic institute to obtain higher results. Cosmic Institute is a top leading educational institute for safety courses from where you will get more benefits in NEBOSH course than other institutes. We provide Hostel Facility, Free Study Materials, Job Allocation, Refreshment, and Exam Practical assessment in all over Pakistan.

What are the benefits of Nebosh Course in Bahawalnagar?

HSE required the NEBOSH IGC certificate to manage their real working problems. Providing a safe working environment is the most important aspect of growing a business and putting their reputation in the good books of employees. Learning this NEBOSH IGC course is a fantastic way to secure your business and maintain their outstanding safety.

There are many advantages of doing Nebosh IGC course in Bahawalnagar, some important points are given below:

  1.  Employeer Evaluation: Employers having Nebosh IGC Diploma holder support economically as well as in boosting the career. 
  2.  Allows you to write your name with the letters ‘IDipNEBOSH’ following it.
  3. If you are looking for a great opportunity, Cosmic connect you with safety professionals who already working in high ranked organziations. 
  4. We already connected with HRs of several industry sectors, in particular the health and industry field, including construction, mining, petroleum and gas, etc.
  5. Cosmic Institute allow the organizations to choose for free self-employment in exchange of letters and recommendations.

What are the requirements of Nebosh IGC Course in Bahawalnagar?

If you are willing to take this NEBOSH course in Bahawalnagar, you must meet the criteria to start the certification in your career. There is no hard and fast rule, To pass Nebosh certifications, anybody who can read, write and understand to reproduce concepts in English may follow this certification program.

  • The academic credentials, abilities, or experience necessary for taking the NEBOSH classes are not required other than the NEBOSH Diploma or the NEBOSH Technical Certificate for Oil and Gas Operational Safety (NIOG).
  • You need to invest the necessary amount of hours in the course or online training materials, examinations, and assignments, depending on the NEBOSH course you choose.
  • Each training course contains a practical task including the production of reports and/or an evaluation.
  • Cosmic Institute ultimately advise if you comply with the requirements of the course admission. It offer more international certifications such as IOSH, OSHA, ISO 45001 in Pakistan and other Safety Officer Courses for you with no prior knowledge.  

NEBOSH IGC Course Schedule

Online Session Details
Course Name
Course Fee
Rs. 100,000/-
Session Date
26 January 2022
Exam Date
2 March 2022
Online Via Zoom
Language of Teaching
Approved Tutor
Engr. Wahaj Ahmad
Approved Tutor
Engr. Usman Ahmad

Why you choose cosmic?

Cosmic Institute of Business & Technology has 100+ certified students. We offer best and 100% high international qualifications in HSE, Where we boost grow careers. We help you to develop and grow your career from basic to advance.

Our institute Improve your understanding of health and safety for required job and also Get hands-on skills in your work. After enrolling into Nebosh course in Pakistan you will be eligible to make your organization comply and sustain it. We provide highly qualified and certified tutors, who facilitiate you in every aspect of Health and safety Organizations.


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